This Warranty constitutes the entire Warranty given to the Purchaser and supersedes all Warranties and representations, whether oral or written, made to the Purchaser. No person other than the duly authorised representatives of Teltos is authorised to make any Warranty and representation on behalf of Teltos, and any such representation must be produced in writing, and signed prior to being effectual.


2.1 Teltos warrants to the Purchaser that the Teltos product is free of manufacturing defects, for a period of 15 (fifteen) years, after initial purchase.

2.2 Teltos’ liability under this Warranty, is to repair or replace, at Teltos’ sole discretion and option, which decision is final, only in the event if such product’s defect relates to a manufacturing defect.


3.1 In the case of a newly constructed private residence, this Warranty is available to the first owner, who purchased the residence from a Developer, with the product permanently installed therein.

3.2 This Warranty may be transferred once from one (1) private owner to a third party, in the event that such purchase of the private residence, falls within the 15 (fifteen) year period.

3.3 This Warranty may not be transferrable to any third party thereafter, as stipulated in clause 3.2 herein.

4.1 This Warranty does not cover:

4.1.1 Any costs or expenses incurred, or relating to removal and/or re-installation of the product, and/or transportation costs, and/or any other related expenses;

4.1.2 Any outdoor applications;

4.1.3 Any flooring applications;

4.1.4 Minor wear and tear such as stains, scratches, burns and water spots;

4.1.5 Damage due to improper transportation, handling or installation of the product purchased;

4.1.6 Damage due to chemical abuse, or excessive heat;

4.1.7 Material that has been altered with, such as milled or reduced in thickness;

4.1.8 The altering of any factory applied finish;

4.1.9 Damage due to settling of cabinets or structural support issues;

4.1.10 Damage due to vandalism, abuse or acts of nature;

4.1.11 Improper installation, with the specific reference to the fact that the corners must have a radius. Corners cut 90° (ninety degrees), will cause a stress point and crack, and will not fall under this Warranty;

4.1.12 Any products that have not been paid for in full;

4.1.13 Any use of the material for commercial use,installation in aeroplanes, caravans, boats or any 4x4 vehicle;

4.1.14 Variation in pattern, colour, tone and light reflectance that is normal.

4.2 This Warranty applies to interior use and only when the product is:

4.2.1 Properly installed;

4.2.2 Maintained in accordance with the guidelines for care and maintenance, which form part of this Warranty;

4.2.3 Used solely for the purpose of counter tops and/or wall cladding;

4.2.4 Permanently installed and has not been moved from the original installation point.

4.3. It is encumbered on the Purchaser to ensure that the Purchaser is satisfied with the product prior to installation thereof.

5. PROCEDURAL CONDITIONS: Download Teltos Warranty Claim Form

This Warranty shall only apply to products which were bought under the name of Teltos, and the original purchase order, VAT invoice, product information on the back of each slab, is produced on request, with specific reference to:

5.1 Original Purchaser’s name;

5.2 Installer’s detail;

5.3 Date of installation;

5.4 Colour and

5.5 Batch number.


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