Teltos Quartz Stone

Teltos Quartz Stone Co ltd is an international brand and can be found in regions like Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, South America and now Southern Africa. The company was founded in 2007 in Vincenza, Italy. Teltos Quartz Company took the strategic decision to build its production plant in China bringing you a well-priced product of an extremely high standard.

At Just Stone Natural Bulk Supply we treasure both our health and more importantly your family’s health. A recent study by the United States EPA indicates that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.


It is for this reason that we have invested much time and research so that we can bring you and your family a healthy product which separates itself from the rest.

When investing in a work surface ask yourself:

  • Would I purchase a product knowing full-well that it could be harmful to my family?
  • Would I like to know how safe a product is for my family before I make that purchase?
  • Would I prefer to spend more on a product for my peace of mind?

We asked ourselves the same questions and it is for this reason that we are proud to announce that Just Stone Natural Bulk Supply is the exclusive importer and distributor for TELTOS Quartz Surfaces throughout southern Africa.
TELTOS Quartz Surfaces fact sheet:

  • TELTOS Quartz Surfaces range is GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD, NSF and CE certified.
  • TELTOS Quartz Surfaces is an internationally recognised brand.
  • TELTOS Quartz Surfaces carries a 15(fifteen) year transferable residential warranty.
  • TELTOS Quartz Surfaces are available in jumbo size (3200 x 1600), which means less joins and a more hygienic work surface.
  • TELTOS Quartz Surfaces is available in 17 different colours.
  • TELTOS Quartz Surfaces are easy to maintain.

JUST STONE natural bulk supply comprises of a team of committed individuals who are proud of their brand and who continually deliver fantastic service. We look forward to being of service to you in the future and should you have any queries please contact a branch closest to you.



"The healthier choice"